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  • 120.00 

    Color block fashion with this silk crepe kimono, embroidered on the back with embroidered bustier and with a little Moroccan touch.

  • -27% Off

    Caftan in blue silk crepe with yellow embossed silk velvet application, embroidered and beaded handmade Maalem way, with Moroccan silk velvet slippers, with handmade cord (Majdoule).

  • -27% Off

    Canary yellow silk crepe caftan with fuchsia silk velvet application, embroidered and beaded with a modern touch on the sleeves, Moroccan silk velvet slippers, with handmade cord (Majdoule)

  • Out of Stock

    Caftan in pink powdered fabric Jowhara half silk with a collar officer, (traditional cut) and a Moroccan belt fabric.

  • -24% Off

    Caftan green water very clear fabric Jowhara half-silk with a traditional cut (Mekhezani) and the small modern touch is at the level of the sleeves (double sleeve with flounces in silk tulle), with Moroccan belt in fabric (Majdoule)

  • -19% Off

    Ivory white caftan in Jowhara half-silk fabric with a modern touch at the level of the cut and the sleeves, with a Moroccan fabric belt (Majdoule)

  • -11% Off

    Djellaba in orange silk crepe embroidered and beaded with a black velvet application on the sleeves.

  • -35% Off

    Caftan in crepe color salmon embroidered and beaded with a modern touch at the level of the collar boat, artisanal Moroccan slippers, turban or mini scarf

  • -35% Off

    Blue caftan in embroidered and beaded crepe with a modern touch on the sleeves, handmade Moroccan slippers, with turban or mini scarf.

  • -35% Off

    Caftan lined in pink and green Georgette crepe, embroidered and beaded, green Moroccan slippers, green mini scarf.

  • moroccan dress Out of Stock

    Black caftan lined with Georgette crepe and silk satin, embroidered and beaded, Moroccan slippers, mini sky blue scarf.

  • -34% Off

    Caftan lined with blue and orange Georgette crepe embroidered and beaded, Moroccan slippers, turban or mini scarf.

  • -18% Off

    Amaze your guests with this unique piece! All in pearls and the colors are breathtaking!

    A sign of joy and well-being, the yellow color of this Djellaba gives you not only a radiance, but the feeling of idealism as well.
    A Makhezania outfit, worked in crepe and embroidered with velvet, giving a casual look via a wide cut. Available in one size.

  • -31% Off

    At caft2wear, we think that the women who will wear this Djellba are nice and kind. Moreover, the blue color of the outfit explains it. This Djellaba is a piece with embroidered and beaded pockets under a yellow velvet finish.

  • 185.00 

    This time, it is the pistachio green color which comes to decorate the universe.
    Designed in a color reflecting fashion and decoration, this crepe djellaba, embroidered in 3D and adorned with pearls is an outfit inspired by spring, giving a brightness and extreme vivacity.

  • -35% Off

    Symbol of originality, ingenuity and future, the ultra violet color, also called pantone, is what sets this outfit apart and makes it more or less special.
    It is a Djellaba worked in crepe and whose embroidery is perfectly inspired by nature.

  • -22% Off

    Symbol of romanticism and softness, sewn in a dynamic color, sign of delicacy and purity, this djellaba whose powdered pink color, punctuated by black patchwork, is an outfit in Jouhara crepe, first quality.

  • Out of Stock

    Favoring a light tone, this Djellaba, through its sky blue color, is associated with youth, dreams and wonders. An outfit worked with 3D embroidery on a tulle also embroidered and light.

    One size fits all, available in djelleba and caftan.

  • -24% Off

    Sign of softness and brightness, the color of this Djellaba is a reflection of a calm and pleasant atmosphere. It is a crepe Djellaba, embroidered in quality skalli, with a velvet application. An original outfit, signed caft2wear with a wide cut and available in one size (M, L, XL).

  • Out of Stock

    In fashion, the color green is a sign of freshness, well-being and serenity per excellence. It is also a symbol of healing and freedom. This large Djellaba in green color is associated with happiness and positivity. Worked in crepe, with embroidered sleeves and decorated with beads.

  • 230.00 

    This pack contains:

    djellaba camilia One size .
    djellaba +babouche for your little girl under 10 years old

  • 230.00 

    This pack contains:

    djellaba Ahlam One size .
    djellaba + babouche for your little girl under 10 years old

  • 140.00 

    Symbole de grandeur, de fidélité et d’estime, cette robe maxi en lin blanc, perlée à la main vous lance dans un air de renouveau et de relooking.

  • 180.00 

    This romantic outfit is a black caftan, made of top quality mlifa fabric by our highly skilled Moroccan craftsmen.

  • -17% Off

    Her name represents her. It is a silky and harmonious piece, in the form of a modern caftan in silk velvet, worked in Sfifa and Aakad style.

  • -17% Off

    This caftan brings together feminine beauty, generosity and success. A piece worked in velvet, with sfifa and gold thread pattern. It’s a whole sense of modesty that this outfit gives you.

  • 180.00 

    Referring to the spectrum of colors and their vivacity, this silk velvet caftan, with its black color and sequined sleeves, is a confirmed symbol of beauty and wisdom.

  • -19% Off

    The desert rose is in itself a culture. A beautiful magical piece in the form of a silk velvet caftan, a royal green color, hand embroidered in gold thread. Symbol of harmony and freshness.

  • -14% Off

    Sexy, chic and fashionable, this dress worked in Mlifa fabric is inspired by the Moroccan djellaba, adorned with a faux leather belt. Full of charm and shine thanks to the hand finishing.