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moroccan djellaba

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Moroccan dress

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moroccan caftan

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Moroccan ready-to-wear: between trend and business

The Moroccan ready to wear is far from being a simple market but a developed potential that gives the chance to small Moroccan brands to evolve and emerge according to the needs of Moroccan consumers

The Moroccan caftan: a story between tradition and creativity.

Designed typically for women, the caftan is a unique traditional outfit, whose originality comes from the breadth of Moroccan craftsmanship.

The Moroccan handicraft: Between creation of wealth and employment.

Moroccan handicraft never ceases to impress tourists coming to discover Morocco

Our Milestones

We expose below our journey, through the events and the media that talk about us

Moroccan Caftan: Between trends and custom design

A stylist spots trends from afar, aligns with new fashions and selects designs of clothing, accessories and shoes that will fit with the demand.

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