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Moroccan ready-to-wear: between trend and business

Do you know that nowadays, what works the most in terms of clothing market is the Moroccan ready to wear?
Did you know that ready-to-wear clothing has become an immediate reflex for consumers?
And yes, when the Moroccan clothes are in the center of the concerns of the consumers, the salesmen think of all and of nothing to attract their customers and that obviously succeeded for the concept of the Moroccan ready to carry.
Now, the question that arises is this: Sure, ready-to-wear has been successful, but will it be a long-term business?
The field is evolving in Morocco, moving from the informal to the formal sector, and responding more and more to the purchasing power of Moroccan consumers, who are looking for cheap products with an interesting quality/price ratio.
Ready-to-wear takes on another dimension when it is centered on manpower and original production.
The Moroccan touch adds a great value to it and it allows in a way or another to preserve the Moroccan know-how and to ensure the perenniality of a valuable heritage that we certainly do not want to lose.
It is therefore appreciated and recommended to consume the handmade items to encourage the artisans to produce and reign this culture of shared history.
Each garment, resulting from a handmade production, tells the story of a whole work process and in truth, it is a whole culture behind. The challenge for artisans is to highlight their items, while differentiating themselves from what exists in other markets and from competitors.
In the same wavelength, it is also necessary to distinguish between clothes that we are used to find in the souks, and those designed as part of a luxury design strategy.
Clothes made in Morocco are automatically not meant to be sold in traditional souks but are becoming a high-end, luxury trend.
The brands are launching little by little at well studied prices. And we will not be surprised if it is at a time, the magnitude becomes of an international dimension.
New concepts are emerging and even the idea of online ready-to-wear is developing through e-commerce.
From there, we can confirm that the Moroccan ready-to-wear dabbles in both the vicinity of the traditional handmade, accessibility to all via distribution channels and prices being really affordable.
The idea shared thereafter is not to limit ourselves to the Moroccan market but to push the ambitions of the various brands to establish themselves internationally.
Moroccan ready-to-wear is far from being a simple market but a developed potential that gives the chance to small Moroccan brands to evolve and emerge according to the needs of Moroccan consumers.
It is also worth mentioning that the future trends in the ready-to-wear sector take part in the most important clothing and textile fairs worldwide.
Of course, competition exists but each brand tries to differentiate itself in its own way by bringing its own touch. Some are content with 100% Moroccan production, others are inspired by European models and adapt it to the culture of the country and finally another category that acts on both axes, combining fashion and tradition, modernity and culture and this is what creates the difference and allows the brand to be versatile and strongly present in the market.
What makes the strength of a brand operating in the Moroccan ready-to-wear sector is above all its ability to accompany market developments and contribute to the development of the Moroccan industry to ensure the future of an emerging sector.

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