Moroccan Caftan: Between trends and custom design

moroccan stylist

Being a moroccan stylist and even more Moroccan is not given to everyone.
A stylist spots trends from afar, aligns with new fashions and chooses clothing, accessory and shoe designs that will fit with what the clientele demands in terms of novelties.

The universe needs creativity, anything that stands out and comes up with originality. It is in this context that Moroccan designers emerge.

Thanks to the various Moroccan designers, the Moroccan caftan has evolved over the years and changes in fashion.
It has become the first reference when it comes to big events, such as weddings, baptisms or births.

More and more famous, the Moroccan caftan gains in visibility at the local and international level. Not only it is Morocco which enters in question but also other countries consider this oriental dress as a richness and a heritage to be preserved with the changes caused.

The Moroccan caftan was introduced in North Africa, the development of its creation has known the contribution of several civilizations, namely the Berber, Moroccan, Andalusian and Arab culture.

In Morocco, the woman used to wear the caftan even at home, when she receives guests, or when a big event is there. This same tradition applies in Algeria as well.

Moroccan designers have also contributed to have a modern and 100% elegant caftan.

Discover the different brands we offer in Casablanca, reflecting a huge culture of tradition, sharing, modernity and elegance.
We will be proud to offer you caftans, caftan dresses, wedding dresses, traditional, oriental and modern outfits that will certainly meet the different needs of our customers.

Our team is made up of experienced stylists and young aspiring talents who innovate in order to satisfy you. A magic that we put at your disposal and that will remind you that the Moroccan creators, with their distinguished senses opt for fabrics and embroideries to the height, and make a fashionable haute couture, which accompanies the various trends in the market of styling.

Refined, handmade collections of different articles and outfits, symbols of magic and good quality.

The seams change from one stylist to another, some adopt ”Dfair” or braids, others adopt ”randa”, a diversity and a choice depending on what the customer wants.

The fabrics also come into play, refined fabrics generally in silk, light and conducive to custom creations. The colors are also concerned and guarantee a highly personalized shine.

In Morocco, the Moroccan caftan replaces more and more the white dress of the bride. Through the various changes it has experienced, the Moroccan caftan remains a trend that even new generations do not fail to adhere.

The creative process is growing and expanding.
Internationally, the digital transformation has not failed to impact modern fashion design. A new technology is born, which makes it possible to take the measurements of each customer and to inculcate a new culture in the world of the tradition and the fashion dressmaking.

A dream that is becoming reality and that surely has an impact on what is to come.

Moroccan designers are also concerned and anticipate the need, if only by combining tailor-made clothing to the various categories of customers and by drawing inspiration from the great designers of renown, referenced internationally. In this way, we bring you a modern touch designed to make you stand out and mark the originality of the senses.

To make a long story short, if you have an event coming up, you are looking for a special caftan, an outfit that sums up a story, a dress that reflects your person, it’s all with us. All you have to do is ask.

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