Moroccan dress

Moroccan dress

Welcome to the Moroccan dream by caft2wear, when you hear , read or listen to the collocation of words Moroccan homemade dress called Caftan what comes to your mind ? what do you picture first ?
It must be the one hundred and one night dress be it traditional or modern dress which is basically In the form of a long tunic, and generally with a long sleeve, worn with a belt worn exclusively by the majestic Moroccan women for some glamorous look for a day in day out lifestyle or in the traditional feasts gathering family , friends and all the loved ones .
And when it comes our e-shop caft2wear is you will find the best of the creativity melted with the love for this “ Moroccan pride “ in the form of clothing just in the Caft2wear Moroccan dress online shop with no need to worry about where to dress like the Moroccan beauties because with us you are already one !

morrocan dress

how to dress in morocco as a woman

Well the Moroccan caftan ( and we must add ) has diversity in it and allows the opposite gender i.e man to be dressed in the ever-shining and forever Morocco belonging haute couture piece called caftan the traditional men dress design for the Moroccan Him is called “ Farajya “ or what other Moroccan clothing lovers prefer calling the Moroccan caftan for men .
Men also , like women have the jellaba, a traditional clothing that can much the feminine and the masculine traditional fashion , because in Morocco , we are lucky to care for the beauty and the well being of both the ladies and their gentlemen by the means of wedding Moroccan dresses for men and women for both can put in the selham or the Moroccan and traditional handmade cape especially as a travelling Moroccan dress for women to hide the beauty from the evil eyes and demons if a women is to walk the way out for a wedding party

moroccan dress

how to dress in morocco as a male

Moroccan men can also try a men travelling Moroccan dress that is either a casuall jellaba or jabador to move conveniently in the men’s gathering or between mates and fellows in seek of good time and dancing in the men’s dress parties like “ the circumcision” celebration when men have to dress and celebrate their manhood and that of the boy who is lmteher “ the circumcised”
For the wedding dress for men ( as this life vent is the core of clothing celebrations in Morocco )and as it is stated by on july 18.2020 in the article written by Jihan dardar on Marrying Love and Fashion: Wedding Dresses in Morocco “

moroccan dress
“The groom starts with a suit and often changes it for a “jabador,” and later for a Moroccan male djellaba The “sahraouia” is similar to the wedding dress worn by Mauritanian women.
The dress is composed of a “Mlehfa,” which is four meters wide and no more than 61 centimeters in length. Like many other wedding dresses in Morocco, it comes in numerous colors and designs. ..(b in the male version ) while his groom shifts from lbssa lfassia to the white caftan wedding dress and goes on and on for many caftan and traditional wedding dresses changes dependin on her choice with the neggafa or the Moroccan bride’s made.

moroccan traditional dress

Moroccan dress

Just to tell you that there is a lot to wear and to unwear in the Moroccan wedding and al the feast where people show beauty and wellbeing and also belonging to their lovable country
Let’s move now to the the Moroccan traditional dresses and the women specificities , worth mentioning that and stressing againg It is considered to be the ultimate formal attire for Moroccan women during ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, religious festivals).

The traditional Moroccan women dress ( as it is stated in weekepedia ) is a caftan and a dfina the two which are muching and must be are as grandmothers say taken as omens for the couples union the husband and the wife , the one which is the pillar ( the caftan ) and the other which is a mirror al with the hands of blessed maalam along with a footwear called balgha.
morocan dress
Here we shall stop for some great show to our caft2wear which has exceeded and execelled in valuing Moroccan maalams and stylists modernizing the great caftan to suit the era in which we are allowing you to choose from the very best online women and men’s dress stores specialized in the women dressing and styling in the traditional Moroccan fashion following the trend of women dresses and dressing in Morocco, keeping the colors and the handmade traditions intact

The caft2wear is then the rendezvous online store to find our products with the original signature of the best craftsmen and the all dreamy sfiffa and oqad ”knots”

moroccan dress
We are then pleased to offer you the ready and steady adapted and adopted Moroccan fashion with our Moroccan dresses online with a full and growing palete of choice in terms of materials and shapes styles and desires , with guaranteed safe shipping from Morocco the united arab emirates or if you please with the option of shipping from Morocco to the United states of America with the perfect prices and the mouth watering materials and textures of the shing Moroccan tradition written in a piece of clothing .

In fact and before going any further we need to highlight that the caftans you see in our women ‘s wedding dress online section are designed to follow the moods of the moments in terms of colors and designs so that everyone of you feels like a fashion icon and fashion person who is at the heart of the Moroccan fashion festival with sent of the international taste and teaseNeedless to remind you that a caftan needs to be specifically chosen for the wanted even and that is the reason for which we are taken from the following guide on how to choose a caftan beforehand.

“The choice of fabrics is important because it alone can bring a higher level of quality to your caftan. Prefer heavy and flexible fabrics such as velvet or silk brocade, shantung or doupion. Choose sfifas and braids that match the tone of your fabric. You will also need a sewing pattern. And finally, sewing tools and a sewing machine are two essential items.
moroccan dress

Choosing a caftan pattern

Moroccan dress

Choose the sewing pattern for your Moroccan caftan according to your trends and with the guidance of your Moroccan tailor . for beginners you can opt for coping a caftan you already have with a swift changes and play with the décor , if you have enough exoerience you can help your tailor go in deep to draw a caftan dress that suits you and that is unique to you thus You will easily make your first Moroccan dress with no fear of getting copied .
You will then be able to personalize its finish with your own ornaments and the embroidery of your choice. » taken from with diversion in meaning and wording
Just pay attention to wear soft jewelry with it in order not to over crowed it and to let it just shine on you.

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