Who we are

We are Caft2wear, a new Moroccan brand, soon to be international, operating in the high fashion sector. And this is absolutely our expertise, we guarantee it.
Moroccan ready-to-wear 100% handmade, with custom-made style, symbol of elegance, originality and solidarity.
Why solidarity? Because the brand is made to support Moroccan artisans and encourage women to produce more, with their own little hands and from home.
This category of people, with potential, only needs the support of others to act and produce quality.
Our challenge: In one sentence, we aim at the pure and perfect consumption of articles made in Morocco but especially hand made articles.
An opportunity to encourage local products from artisans and motivate young people to consume more items from their country.
Our culture: To savor the Moroccan know-how and to align ourselves with the trends of the great international catwalks, and then to combine tradition and modernity.

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